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One of the first steel manufacturing plants established in the region about 4 decades ago, Shattaf Steel currently specializes in the production of Steel Billets and Rebars of the highest quality in wide ranges of sizes and specifications.

With the 24/7 functioning plant backed by over 280 employees and ‘State of the Art’ equipment, Shattaf Steel supports the construction and steel industry in the UAE and MENA region.

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For Government, Residential & Commercial Sector

Billet Manufacturer


The Billet plant installed in 2010 is a ‘State-of-The-Art’ Production facility unit. Shattaf Steel Manufactures Billets with Cross Section range...

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Reinforcing Bar Manufacturer


Since 2014, Shattaf Steel Manufactures Reinforcing Bar with the size range of 8mm to 32mm. Being Regionally and Internationally Certified,...

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