The Billet plant installed in 2010 is a ‘State-of-The-Art’ Production facility unit.

Shattaf Steel Manufactures Billets with Cross Section range of 100 x 100mm, 125 x 125mm & 130 x 130mm in Various Length as per the customer requirements. The Plant also produces billets in a wide range of chemical compositions to satisfy the customer’s requirements.

Our Products confirm the specification of BS 4449:2005+A3:2016, ASTM A615 & KWS GSO ISO 6935-2 : 2019.

The Billet Plant has capacity to produce 100,000 Mt Per Year.

Manufacturing Process

Step Process Description
1 Charging steel scrap Shattaf Steel is determined for the stable supply and management of steel scrap and carrying out strict inspections throughout the entire process from sourcing to charging into the furnace in order to generate high-quality steel products.
2 Melting Steel An Induction furnace uses electricity to heat steel scrap, convert steel scrap in to molten metal and removes impurities to generate steel during this process. The induction furnace maintains the temperature and adjusts the composition of five chemical properties of steel including C, Mn, Si, P and S in accordance with the related specifications.
3 Continues Casting This is a process of making the refined steel into billets. Throughout the continuous casting, the steel that has so far remained liquid is solidified into a shape. We improve the stability and productivity of the subsequent continuous casting process by maintaining the molten steel temperature at between 1,550 and 1,600 °C.
4 Transfer / Storage Billets made in the continuous casting process are fed into the Rolling mill stand through conveyer table called hot direct rolling or stored in Billet storage area.

Product Specification

Specifications and Grades

Standard Application
ASTM A 615 Structural,Concrete reinforcement and General use
BS 4449 Structural,Concrete reinforcement and General use
KWS GSO ISO 6935-2/2012 Structural,Concrete reinforcement and General use

Chemical Composition % (Max)

Billet Size(mm) C Si Mn P S
100 x 100 0.40 0.45 1.50 0.05 0.05
125 x 125 0.40 0.45 1.50 0.05 0.05
130 x 130 0.40 0.45 1.50 0.05 0.05

Carbon Equivalent (CE): CE= C+Mn/6 + (Cr+Mo+V)/5 + (Cu+Ni)/15
Other Chamical Composition are Possible. Please Contact Sales & Marketing.

Size Range

Cross Section Weight/Meter Length
100mm x 100mm 78 Kg/ Meter 3 – 6 Meter (-0 / + 100 )
125mm x 125mm 122 Kg / Meter 3 – 6 Meter (-0 / + 100 )
130mm x 130mm 132 Kg / Meter 3 – 6 Meter (-0 / + 100 )

Physical Parameters

Side Dimention tolerance ± 3 %
Rhomboidity 5 % Max
Diagonal Difference ≤ 10mm
Corner Radius 4 mm Max
Camber (Bend) ≤ 5mm/m to 50mm Max
Angular Twist ≤ 1° / m to 6° Max
Cutting Length 0 / + 100 mm
Cutting Both Ends will be flame Cut
Identification Heat Number to be punched / handwritten at the cut face of each billet.
Surface & Internal Quality: The Billet Should be free from Harmful Surface Defect like Slag Patches, Longitudinal Crackes , Transverse Crackes , Corner, Joint Billet, Crackes, Scum, Scab, Pinholes, Blow hole, Pipes, Internal Crackes & Deep Oscillation marks. Billet Should be Free From Injurious internal defects that may adversely final products.
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